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Four Rules for Choosing a Salesforce CTI Solution
Download our new guide to learn the four things you need to do to get the most out of your new Salesforce CTI solution. It's a 10-minute read – and might prevent you from making a $10,000 mistake!


Putting customers on hold while looking up information is the kiss of death for a sales or support experience. Learn how you can maximize call efficiency and productivity by searching more of Salesforce.

How to Give Agents Instant Access to All of Salesforce.

What works today might not work tomorrow – particularly if you switch telephony systems. Learn how to make sure you don't waste your up-front investment or lose flexibility.


How to Future-Proof Your CTI Solution.

Integration projects are notorious for costing a ton. They don't have to. Learn how a subscription-based per-seat pricing model can save you thousands in the first year of ownership alone.

What a Fair, Flexible Pricing Model Looks Like.

It's never been more important for call center agents to instantly access Service Cloud, Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud data. Plenty of apps purport to integrate telephony systems and Salesforce. How do you choose the right one?


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