Believe it or not, call centers care about customer satisfaction. This is surprising because we’ve all suffered through an automated voice response call. So, how do effective call centers keep customers from growing frustrated? Here are three tips for going above and beyond.

Nowadays, customer experience is top of mind for call center agents and employees. And if you want to stay relevant in today’s business cycle, it has to be. “In the current marketplace where customer competition is very high, the relationship you have with your clients will be a key differentiator with your competitors.” The integration of AI and machine learning means there’s no excuse for call centers that fail to provide a seamless experience for customers. With data like name, location and caller history accessible at the touch of a button, delivering a stand-out experience is now possible like never before.

Build Relationships

Developing relationships with your customers is crucial for the success of your business. Building a relationship with your customers gives them the connection they’re looking for in a company, and also builds customer retention while sustaining the performance of your business and building advocates for your company. And while any relationship takes time to build, the accessibility and retention of caller data gives you the upper hand in making that connection after a single phone call. Think of the difference it makes when someone greets you by name – you automatically feel drawn to that person. The same goes for your customers. Saying “Hello, Kristen!” and bringing up a detail from a previous conversation lets your customer know that you have a genuine interest in them and care about their satisfaction.

Be Available

 The call center industry is fast-moving. And let’s face it, patience is fleeting in today’s society. So, when a customer calls with a question or a complaint, they want answers – immediately. With companies like Amazon and Apple shaping the retail interface, customers are accustomed to having 24/7 support – and your call center shouldn’t be any different. You don’t have to hire someone to sit by the phone all through the night, platforms such as social media and live chat give you the ability to always be aware of customer needs. Sending customers a quick message and letting them know you’ve received their request and will get back to them shortly gives them reassurance and puts them at ease. Furthermore, AI, chatbots and machine learning are accelerating today’s customer service. While it’s no secret human voice is still king, the future of customer service (and your 24/7 availability) can quickly be exemplified with these resources.


Anyone who has worked in customer service knows it’s impossible to please customers 100% of the time. But something you can do every time? Listen to them. Listening is one of the most powerful tools in the business – and it’s another reason human interaction remains untouched in the call center and customer service world. A customer who is upset or confused by a situation is calling to get acknowledgment and answers – something that AI cannot provide. Chatbots can’t understand human emotion. That’s why when a customer who is already unhappy calls, the automated robot makes it worse. Call center agents who take the time to listen to the customer talk through a situation allows them to truly feel heard and understood. From there you can validate their problem or question and let them know you’re here to help.


Customer service is a skill that call centers should never stop learning. Implementing these three tips into your day-to-day process is a good place to start. With training and motivation, call center agents who display these valuable skills will undoubtedly provide the long-term satisfaction customers are looking for.

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