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Telephony-CRM Integration Done Right

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Isn’t it time your telephony system talked to your CRM and other mission-critical business applications to create computer-telephony integration? With CDC Software, CTI is possible.

Deployed in weeks and implemented in the cloud, on premise or in a hybrid environment, our solution creates a real-time, events-based link between your systems. That means customer service agents get actionable caller data – like name, location and service history – delivered directly to them before they can even say hello.


Prebuilt Connectors For ...


CDC is the fastest way to directly integrate telephony and CRM – period. By combining a highly flexible core engine with out-of-the-box connectors for leading telephony platforms and core business systems, we turn integration projects into matters of configuration, rather than heavy-duty (and time-consuming) coding. What once took the better part of a year can be accomplished in days or weeks with CDC.



When Fortune 1000 corporations need to deliver real-time customer information to call center representatives, they consistently turn to CDC. Why? Our platform is stable, time-tested and in use by thousands of agents at any given time. We’re a product company, not a custom integration provider. That means you can trust our solution – and trust us to stand behind it … today, and years down the road.



CDC drives unique efficiency into every step of the telephony-CRM integration process, dramatically reducing lifetime cost of ownership when compared with custom integration projects. Better yet, our prebuilt connectors make maintaining the system simple; if you upgrade or change your telephony or business systems in the future, CDC can simply be reconfigured, rather than completely redeployed.


Leading Companies Choose CDC

When companies need to integrate their call center telephony platforms with their CRMs and other systems of record, they consistently turn to CDC Software. If customer experience matters to you, we can help – no matter what industry you’re in.