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Three Massive Companies that Value the Over-The-Phone Customer Service Experience

Good, old-fashioned customer service over the phone isn’t dead. Sure, we live in a world where it seems folks can just pull out their smartphones to find answers to every question imaginable, but now more than ever, there are critical times when a real, breathing human on the other end of the line is everything. It’s easy to get anxiety scanning over predictions about the future of the customer service industry with pundits touting

Three Keys to Nailing Customer Service Calls

When it comes to delivering a flawless omnichannel customer service experience, the times are changing. Some companies are proactively equipping their staff with the tools needed to deliver fantastic experiences; remaining complacent is absolutely not an option in a world moving as fast as ours. Despite misguided conventional wisdom, some of the most important CX tools out there deal with voice. And while other channels are important, voice is still king! To wit, 75% of