CDC Software’s cloud-based solutions empower companies to quickly and cost-efficiently integrate their telephony and CRM systems, giving call center agents the information they need to delight customers – on each and every call.

With CDC, agents are delivered caller information via CTI screen pop – name, location, service history and more – before they can even say “hello.” Users, tickets and items are created in real time, with no manual work necessary. Call information (and even recordings) can be archived in the CRM or another third-party application, platform, database or web service automatically, as soon as the call is finished. Simply put, it’s the easiest way to make your customers, your agents and your bottom line a whole lot happier.

Unique Integration Methodology

Priced per seat as a subscription, rather than an up-front capital expenditure, CDC combines a robust core engine with prebuilt connectors for leading CRMs, telephony systems and other critical pieces of the customer service puzzle. As a result, it can be deployed far faster – and with much higher reliability – than a custom system integration. Plus, if systems change in the future, CDC can simply be reconfigured by swapping out a connector, rather than replaced entirely.

Proven in many enterprise deployments across the globe, the core engine of the CDC telephony-CRM integration platform solution:

  • Optimizes performance by employing a service oriented and event-centric architecture
  • Employs and facilitates agile integration strategies and practices
  • Provides centralized logging and solution metrics
  • Minimizes integration time and expenses
  • Leverages decoupled architecture enabling connector reusability

CDC Solution Features

Available for more than a dozen leading contact center systems, the CDC solution features:

  • Screen-Pop – telephony and database information
  • Custom Reporting – daily, weekly, etc.
  • Click2Call and Softphone control – within CRM application
  • Jobs Engine – synchronization between systems
  • Call Recording Integration
  • Voice Mail Integration
  • Call Metrics Integration
  • External System Integration

CDC Software Professional Services

In addition to software, CDC offers professional services such as:

  • Custom connectors for the CDC platform
  • Custom configuration of the CDC platform features
  • Softphone development and implementation
  • General system integration, development and implementation

Isn’t it time that your telephony and CRM systems worked together? With CDC, they can – faster and more cost-effectively than you ever imagined. Click here to schedule a demo today.