CEO Matthew Bieber’s Advice on Leadership Featured in CSM Magazine

Everything good takes time – and when it comes to perfecting your leadership skills, that’s more than true. But before you begin ticking off the days on your calendar, take a step back and ask yourself, “What does it mean to take on the role of a leader?” In Matt Bieber’s latest blog featured in CSM Magazine, he weighs in on the steps you should take when gearing up to be a standout leader –

CDC Software Integrates with Provider of Patient Access Technology, Radix Health, Inc.

CDC Software, a proven solution that links telephony systems, CRM systems and other mission-critical contact center data sources, has announced its partnership with Radix Health, Inc., a provider of cutting-edge patient access technologies that improve health care operations and enhance patient and provider experience. Radix Health’s software, DASH (Dynamic Appointment Schedule for Health Care) enables providers to streamline health care scheduling and create a better patient experience. It has resulted in reduced scheduling costs

CDC Software CEO Matthew Bieber Weighs in on Improving Customer Journey

Customers want a flawless experience just as much as you want to provide them with one. Even as technologies change and new ones are created, customer service is something that will remain a priority. So how do you ensure that your customer experience is enhancing along with your business? In this recent CMSWire article, CDC Software CEO Matthew Bieber weighs in on 4 areas to focus on to ensure continuous CX growth. Read the