If you’re looking to create a more satisfying customer experience while getting the most out of the time your agents spend on each call, you need to integrate your Zendesk instance with your telephony system. And that means you need CDC Software.

CDC provides a user-friendly connection between Zendesk and all leading contact center telephony systems, that is both highly configurable and customizable. User information pops up instantly on Agents’ Zendesk screens when a call comes in. Detailed call reporting, including such crucial information as call time, queue time, talk time, and hold time, is available hourly or daily. And voicemails and call recordings can be automatically integrated into Zendesk, so Agents can listen to recordings or voice mail messages to return calls fast and efficiently.

Unlike a custom integration project, which can take up to six months and put a dent in your company’s bottom line, CDC’s Zendesk CTI platform can be fully up and running within days, at a fraction of the cost.

To see what CDC’s Zendesk CTI platform can do for your call center, watch this video.

Integrate Your Zendesk CRM or Helpdesk with these VoIP and Telephony Systems with the ability to add others via the Mulesoft iPaas platform in just a few weeks.

Zendesk CTI Features

Agent Screenpop

CDC can display the actionable data you want your Agents to have from a Zendesk Ticket via screenpop as soon as they take a call.

Ticket Generation

Tickets can be generated automatically based on pre-set rules, or created instantly by agents.


Agents can dial any phone number in a User profile or Ticket via softphone embedded within the Zendesk app, and—if needed—transfer the call to another agent quickly and seamlessly.

Rapid Deployment

CDC does not require custom integration work but at the same time is highly configurable. Our library of pre-built telephony connectors let you tie any system to Zendesk in as little as a few days.

Fair, Flexible Pricing

CDC is priced on a per-seat subscription basis, rather than a large up-front capital expenditure. That means you pay for only what you use.

Implementation Options

CDC can be safely and securely implemented in the cloud, on premise, or as a hybrid of the two.