If your telephony system and CRM are already on board MuleSoft’s Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), CDC Software can help you get where you want to go faster and easier.

MuleSoft’s ESB allows other applications and products, including CRMs, to connect with it and then enables them all to communicate with each other. That can be very powerful. An ESB architecture provides a simple, well defined, “pluggable” system that scales really well, while offering a way to leverage existing systems and expose them to new applications using its communication and transformation capabilities.

That means connecting CDC Software to your MuleSoft ESB enables all of CDC’s features and functions to drive the features and functions of other products—even those that CDC does not support natively. CDC Software provides a user-friendly connection that creates a more satisfying customer experience while getting the most out of the time your agents spend on each call. With MuleSoft, the CDC Software Connector allows CDC Software to retrieve telephony events and perform operations including making, answering, and releasing calls on more than a dozen telephony systems. The fact that CDC Software is both highly configurable and customizable makes it a valuable addition to your MuleSoft ecosystem.

And it can be fully operational in days, not weeks!

For technical documentation on CDC’s MuleSoft CTI platform, please download the following: Anypoint CDC Software Connector User Guide and CDC Software Release Notes.

Integrate Your Salesforce CRM or Helpdesk with these VoIP and Telephony Systems with the ability to add others via the Mulesoft iPaas platform in just a few weeks.

MuleSoft CTI Features

Combine MuleSoft’s ability to connect hundreds of products and applications with CDC Software’s configurable and customizable features and functions, and there are many ways they can work together to make your call center more efficient.

For example, CDC Software could:

Generate a Screenpop

When a call comes in, CDC can display the actionable data you want your Agents to have via screenpop. Even if CDC Software doesn’t have a connector to the CRM your company uses, as long as both are “plugged in” to MuleSoft, the ESB’s tools can make enable the two products talk to each other.


Agents can dial any phone number via softphone embedded within another CRM connected to MuleSoft, and—if needed—transfer the call to another agent quickly and seamlessly.

Drive Notifications Off Your Telephony System

These could potentially include texts, social media, emails, and web notifications, among others.

Fair, Flexible Pricing

CDC is priced on a per-seat subscription basis, rather than a large up-front capital expenditure. That means you pay for only what you use.

Push Data to Database

Data can be automatically funneled to another product connected to MuleSoft to generate reports and analytics.