Artificial intelligence (AI) has officially taken the world by storm, and more and more organizations are taking advantage of AI-powered tools to improve their operations. But this begs the question: Will AI replace call center agents?

The short answer: No, AI tools like ChatGPT will not replace call center agents any time soon. Instead, AI is transforming how call center agents can do their job and provide better customer service. But before diving into how that’s happening, let’s explore why AI is so popular right now.

The Power of AI in 2023Will AI Replace Call Center Agents

AI is all over the news these days. With all of this talk about AI, you might be wondering how we got here in the first place. After all, AI isn’t a new concept. But thanks to advances in technology, AI has become more accessible and useful than ever before.

Significant improvements in computing power, data storage capabilities and algorithms have accelerated the development and application of AI. Modern hardware and software infrastructures enable AI models to process large amounts of data and perform complex tasks more efficiently.

Breakthroughs in machine learning have also seen remarkable advancements, particularly with deep learning techniques. Deep learning neural networks can automatically learn and improve from experience. This led to groundbreaking applications in natural language processing (NLP), which allows computers to understand, interpret and generate human language in meaningful ways.

All of these AI advancements are helping businesses around the world improve their operations. And call centers are no exception.

5 Ways AI Enhances Call Centers

Call centers are no strangers to AI. In fact, most call centers have been using some form of AI in their operations for decades. But as AI continues to evolve and improve, the question of whether AI will replace call center agents grows louder.

The truth is AI won’t be replacing agents anytime soon. But what it will do is make call centers better. Here’s how:

  1. Improved self-service systems
  2. Increased agent productivity
  3. Efficient quality assurance and analytics processes
  4. Reduced operational costs
  5. Higher customer satisfaction

1. Improved Self-Service Systems

In a call center, self-service systems empower customers to access the information they need and complete specific transactions independently through various automated channels. The goal is to make call center interactions more flexible and efficient for customers while reducing the workload on call center agents. Self-service systems are critical to call centers because experts predict one in 10 agent interactions will be automated by 2026.

Two popular self-service tools are interactive voice response (IVR) systems and chatbots. Through AI, these systems are rapidly becoming more intelligent, interactive and capable of providing better customer experiences.

IVR Systems

Traditional IVR systems provide callers with pre-recorded voice prompts and menu options, allowing them to select the appropriate option using their phone’s keypad or through voice recognition. Customers can perform tasks like checking account balances or tracking orders without speaking to an agent. IVR already provides great benefits to call centers, including greater efficiency. 

AI bolsters the benefits even more by unlocking an even better customer experience. AI-powered IVR systems use NLP to better understand and interpret natural language inputs from callers, allowing them to interact using more conversational language instead of fixed menu options. This makes the experience more intuitive and user-friendly.

AI-driven speech recognition technology has already improved significantly, enabling IVR systems to accurately convert spoken language into text. This enhances the IVR’s ability to process voice-based inputs and deliver more accurate responses.


Chatbots simulate human-like conversations with users through natural language interfaces, such as text-based chats or voice interactions. They’re powered by NLP and machine learning, which allow them to understand and respond to user queries conversationally.

One study found that 68 percent of people across all age ranges have used a chatbot. And as AI continues to improve, that number is likely to increase. Therefore, it’s critical for call centers to offer intelligent chatbots so customers can resolve their queries on their own schedule. Since chatbots can operate 24/7, they allow your call center to help customers even when your agents are offline.

2. Increased Agent Productivity

AI is a powerful tool for automating repetitive tasks and providing real-time assistance to call center agents. In turn, agents can increase their productivity and help more customers.

For example, AI can automate various tasks that were traditionally handled by an agent, such as appointment scheduling, order processing and ticketing. That allows agents to focus on more complex inquiries.

Agents can also leverage AI to help them in real-time. Researchers found that customer support agents increased their productivity by an average of 14 percent when they were given access to a generative AI assistant. AI can provide agents with automated responses or suggested answers based on historical data and successful resolutions, speeding up call handling.

3. Efficient Quality Assurance & Analytics Processes

In addition to automating repetitive agent tasks, AI can automate and enhance a call center’s quality assurance and analytics processes.

For example, AI-powered speech analytics can automatically monitor and analyze recorded calls to identify key phrases, keywords and specific interactions. This allows call centers to track and evaluate agent performance efficiently.

AI-driven analytics tools can also measure specific key performance indicators (KPIs) and performance metrics relevant to your call center’s goals and objectives. That helps you identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to make your call center better.

4. Reduced Operational Costs

Operating a call center can be expensive. You have to pay for agent salaries, training, equipment and more. But using the right AI tools can help you save money by predicting when you need agents online.

AI can use predictive analytics to examine customer data and call patterns to forecast call volumes and peak hours. This enables call centers to optimize agent staffing and resource allocation, preventing overstaffing during low call volumes and understaffing during busy periods.

We previously mentioned AI’s ability to automate repetitive tasks and provide agents with real-time assistance. Through these advances, you can improve your call center environment, leading to agents having higher job satisfaction and less burnout. The result is lower turnover rates, which saves money on associated recruitment and training costs.

5. Higher Customer Satisfaction

In a call center, the customer experience is key to success. Happy customers mean increased loyalty and positive word-of-mouth, which improves a call center’s reputation and bottom line.  We’ve already seen how AI can transform your operations and agent experience. How does this all translate to customer satisfaction? Three important ways: 

1. Instant Responses to Customer Inquiries

AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can provide instant responses to customer inquiries, reducing wait times and enhancing the overall customer experience. AI-driven call routing systems can also direct customers to the most suitable agents based on their needs, leading to quicker and more effective resolutions.

2. Personalized Support

AI can analyze customer data to deliver personalized recommendations and solutions, making customers feel valued and understood.

3. 24/7/365 Support

Self-service AI tools offer round-the-clock support so customers can get answers to their questions fast. Also, AI-powered tools provide real-time guidance to agents during calls, ensuring they have access to the right information and resources to assist customers effectively.

In the end, AI leads to better customer experiences and higher satisfaction.


AI isn’t replacing call center agents – it’s helping them. That’s why AI can benefit your call center by enhancing self-service systems, agent productivity and quality assurance processes. As a result, you can reduce operational costs and improve customer satisfaction.

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