New Year’s resolutions are about improvement. And while, for most people, that means the latest dieting or fitness trend – for call centers it means the customer experience. In this post, we break down four resolutions focused on better serving customers in 2020.

For businesses, the end of the year is a time to reassess last year’s performance to see what best practices need changing. For call centers, this means taking a look at morale, productivity and the customer experience. With that in mind, we reviewed a few New Year’s resolutions that are all about improving the customer experience.

Here are the top four to help you start Q1 right.

  1. Pay Attention to Morale

Did you know – a reported 61% of U.S. workers feel burnt out at their current position. The same holds true for the call center. Keeping employees happy is just as important as keeping customers happy. If company morale is low, your customer experience will be low. A few small changes here and there – like more positive feedback and more natural light in the office – can make a big difference in employee and customer well-being.

  1. Try Out New Technology

In call centers, technology is used every day to gather information and provide a more personalized experience for customers. With new features changing the way we work, data accessibility and communication in the corporate environment is held to a whole new standard. This doesn’t mean your call center needs to have the latest and greatest. But staying on top of best practices and adopting the latest trends will help both you and your customers enjoy an enhanced experience.

  1. Do More with Social Media

For many companies, social media seems like a waste of time or something that doesn’t provide a measurable ROI. But this isn’t the full story. Many companies have found great success using social media to improve the customer experience – including call centers. According to Mitel, “Responsive businesses are using [social media] to create a superb customer experience by unifying communications across channels into one stream.” This is because social platforms offer a way to have conversations in public – conversations that other customers can see. This is called visual proof and it’s powerful. If your call center has yet to implement social media platforms into your day-to-day, this resolution will likely be beneficial. If you already use social media throughout your business, stay engaged and be consistent.

  1. Learn to Listen

Listening is one resolution that call centers consistently forget – despite the fact that half of the job is listening. For 2020, listening is worth going the extra mile on because feedback is critical to improving the customer experience. Listening is more than just hearing what the other person is saying. It’s about validating your customer and allowing them to feel heard. By learning to be a better listener you will ultimately provide a better experience.


Every New Year is a fresh start. It’s a chance to build on or change up lessons from the past year. Add these 4 resolutions to your list and focus on improving the product your customers experience. If you do, you’ll be one step closer to ensuring the long-term success of your business.

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