Unified Technology, Standardized Operations with CRM-Telephony Integration

Chico’s was operating two contact centers with different telephony systems and CRM instances when they wanted to make a move toward CRM-telephony integration. Rather than engaging with multiple vendors, they partnered with CDC Software to facilitate a configurable integration across both sites all within a single implementation.


To achieve a standardized, but configurable CRM-telephony integration across two contact centers.


Chico’s, a Florida-based retail women’s clothing chain, had some idiosyncrasies within their two contact centers before they engaged with CDC Software. Historically, the centers had utilized different telephony systems, Cisco and inContact, and different instances of the CRM Zendesk. Although this arrangement brought with it some challenges, the contact centers served multiple functions and, therefore, had different telephony needs.

When Chico’s made the decision to integrate their CRM and telephony systems in 2014, it was imperative that they find a partner who could continue to support each center’s distinct requirements while providing a common technology solution. Zendesk, Chico’s CRM vendor and a partner of CDC Software, recommended CDC as the ideal software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider to do just that.

Where Standardization Meets Personalization
Despite the important role contact center agents play in a company’s customer service success, attrition – and with it, training – are challenges for many businesses. One of the many business drivers for Chico’s CRM-telephony integration (CTI) was to facilitate a standard call experience for agents and customers alike. When a business’s telephony system and CRM are fully integrated, the entire customer interaction can be managed from a single unified screen, pulling valuable data from customer databases, billing systems, and other software to optimize call handling. With CRM-provided data such as customer sales history and the reason for the call, Chico’s would be better equipped to provide a more personalized and relevant experience for the caller while establishing a less costly, more efficient, and more standardized contact center workflow process.

Answering the Call for CTI
It is fairly common for companies using multiple systems to consolidate their operations to a single telephony system when initiating CTI. But for aforementioned reasons, Chico’s wanted to maintain separate telephony systems within their two call centers. Fortunately, CDC Software’s vendor-independent platform and pre-built connectors for Cisco and inContact made implementation a breeze.

CDC set up a separate platform instance for each call center. This allowed the company to work through a single flexible software partner while configuring each instance to fit the needs of each contact center through screen pops and other settings. Each department’s agents were able to continue operating within their own parameters, but procedures and training were simplified and standardized for agents across the company.

“CDC Software has been a great partner over the past several years, allowing Chico’s to improve operating efficiency, while at the same time providing a direct benefit for our clients in terms of a better customer experience.”


As an early adopter of CDC Software and one of CDC’s longest running clients, Chico’s has had ample time to experience the benefits of the platform and the positive effects of CTI. Chico’s has utilized CDC’s experience and technology to minimize expense and improve efficiency within both of their call centers, and the CDC platform has proven to be highly reliable, cost-effective, and requiring minimal maintenance.

  • Flexible CTI instances maintained through single software solution
  • Improved customer service efficiency
  • Facilitated training and procedure standardization across sites
  • Ability to provide an improved customer experience