CDC Software, a global enterprise software provider of on-premise and cloud deployments that enables companies to quickly and cost-efficiently integrate telephony, CRM, and other mission-critical contact center systems, today announced the launch of CDC Platform 2.0.

Built upon experience gained through numerous customer installations, CDC Platform 2.0 leverages the flexibility and performance of the original platform while improving upon supported product offerings. With a keen focus on standardizing CDC Platform structure and leveraging cloud-based resources, centralized deployment, platform maintenance, and support capabilities are now possible.

“We’re thrilled to introduce CDC Platform 2.0 to our existing user base, as well as to the larger customer service industry,” said Matthew Bieber, CEO of CDC Software. “With CDC Platform 2.0, contact centers are able to reduce time and labor associated with installation and support, empowering agents to get back to their number-one priority: providing unparalleled customer care to their own clients.”

CDC Platform 2.0 provides:

  • Centralized management, maintenance and support of CDC Platform installations for ease of use and efficiency;
  • Minimization of customer network and server access;
  • The ability for customers to perform prerequisite and base installations for near-immediate use;
  • The option for on-premise or cloud-based deployment, supported via CDC Central;
  • An intuitive drag-and-drop file deployment from CDC Central to customer CDC Platform instances;
  • The ability to automatically install CDC Platform instance binaries and configuration files during scheduled cycling of CDC Platform’s Windows service; and
  • The ability to manage and maintain product licensing and customer information in a centralized database, which improves business processes and efficiency.

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About CDC Software

CDC Software’s SaaS integration solutions empower companies to quickly and cost-efficiently integrate their telephony, CRM, and other mission-critical contact center systems, giving contact center agents the information they need to delight customers on every call. CDC solutions create real-time integrations with a lower total cost of ownership and much quicker time to market than a custom integration project, and can be implemented in a cloud, premise, or hybrid environment. Clients of all sizes use CDC solutions every day to provide a better customer experience.

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