CRM-Telephony Integration Solution for Global Internal Support Desks

T-Mobile was using manual processes for support calls to their global Human Resources and IT Groups. They needed to implement an integrated solution to enable a better experience.


To provide a CRM-telephony integration solution for T-Mobile global internal support desks for Human Resources and IT between Zendesk CRM and Avaya telephony.


CDC provided two implementations of integration software – one for Human Resources and one for IT. It was critical to comply with the companies tight timelines associated with this upgrade around their contact center technologies, to handle a significant increase in call volume due to overall company growth. Each group had unique needs that were addressed with CDC Software’s highly configurable platform to enable a better experience and contact center efficiency.

Tried and Tested
The IT group needed to have a ticket created for every call, which was not the case before implementation, in order to force compliance. Real time information via a screen pop enabled the group to change behaviors for a much quicker support call and issue resolution. CDC provided a unique proactive tracking method for abandoned calls that could be handled by IT personnel using a click to call feature.

Human Resources routinely collected employee identifiers of the person calling which needed to remain private. Integration of the information of the caller from Avaya and then verifying the caller before providing a link to the Zendesk ticket, created a more automated and accurate process. In addition, a complex escalation process needed to be tracked between departments in the Human Resources Group (e.g. legal, ethics, payroll, etc.). CDC’s platform was able to monitor transfers and establish how many and what types of escalations were completed by department for compliance tracking. Also, more detailed reporting was provided by CDC for compliance and efficiency.

Setup for Success
As is often seen during implementation, once the system was in use, it became apparent that some of T-Mobile preferences diverged from their pre-launch requirements. CDC Software worked interactively with them post-launch to adjust the system for optimal usability. As a highly configurable platform, CDC was able to do this by turning settings for screen pops and other features on and off – no code rewriting needed – until the system was setup to match the client’s exact needs.


By pairing a flexible platform with industry expertise, CDC Software facilitated a seamless implementation with minimal operational disruption. CDC Software’s flexibility and quick implementation capabilities enabled T-Mobile to address with minimal expense the critical and growing needs of Human Resources and IT.

T-Mobile has leveraged CDC’s experience and technology to integrate their Avaya telephony infrastructure with their Zendesk CRM to minimize expenses and improve efficiency of their call centers. The CDC platform’s architecture has performed very well and easily handled T-Mobile’s growing call volume.

  • Seamless integration and enhanced workflow and call personalization with minimal operational disruption
  • Improved customer service efficiency
  • Much improved customer experience