The most important responsibility of a contact center is to continuously improve customer experience. But while the possibilities for improvement are endless, not all are tactical or cost-effective. In this post, we’ll discuss a few ways to keep costs down while boosting the overall customer experience.

The evolving use of today’s technology makes for hundreds, if not thousands, of ways customer service can be executed in the contact center. The problem is, these possibilities can get pricey and end up costing your business more than actually advancing it. However, the option for getting the best of both worlds isn’t too far out of reach if you make the right decisions.

Here are three ways contact centers can keep up with changing technology while improving customer experience and saving on costs.

Use a Customer-centric Approach

The customer should be at the center of every call center. Every decision, change or outcome must be made with the customer in mind. In today’s connected and technology-obsessed world, customers have grown used to great service and the idea that the world revolves around them – and in a way, it should. The key is figuring out how to keep up with their every need without breaking the bank.

One CX influencer writes, “Companies that want to keep their customers happy need to understand this ever-changing landscape and provide innovative connectivity solutions that meet customers’ expectations and still provide positive ROI for the organization.

This means finding the right balance between providing the support your customers are looking for without going over budget. It could mean you implement live-chat on your website to ensure customers are being helped 24/7. Or it could mean hiring a few extra call center agents, so your customers don’t have to stay on hold for long periods of time. Ultimately, the key here is ROI. You may have to make a few adjustments that could cost you an extra buck or two up front, but if they’re providing the support and satisfaction your customers are looking for it will pay off in the long run and save you. Money.

Integrate communication channels

Communication channels are the bread and butter of your business. It’s where your customers go to get quick, concrete answers. So, anything that makes communication easier to manage – and, for that matter, better for the customer – should be top of mind. This means integration. Integrating communication platforms across your company is critical. It helps your business maintain a consistent voice across all communication mediums. If a customer calls one of your agents regarding a particular question and gets one answer, but then goes onto the FAQs page of your website and gets another answer, your communication channels clearly aren’t linked. The same goes for your social media platforms, sales interaction and so on.

So how will this save you money? Think about it – if a customer has to visit a few different channels to find an answer, not only are they wasting time, but they’re likely to get frustrated. Integrated communication channels save time for both the customer and your employees. This saves you money while delivering a consistent customer experience in every channel.

Track KPIs

KPIs (key performance indicators) help businesses figure out whether or not they’re doing the right things when optimizing time and resources. In the call center, KPIs are critical – and they can be tracked both internally and externally. Internal KPIs, for example, can help you track and ultimately reduce your cost per call, cost per contact and cost per transaction. Tracking external KPIs will help you determine which of your tactics are successful and which should be reevaluated. Focusing on the right things will help you determine what’s important for your business and, in return, help you provide seamless customer service.


Businesses have many tactics at their disposal that can help improve customer service. But not all of them are practical for your call center or your budget. Follow the basics outlined above and your business will be better prepared to find the balance between improving service and cutting costs.