Calypso Soft Drinks Customer Video Testimonial

March 3, 2011

Calypso Soft drinks, a leading UK beverage producer, embarked on a ‘War on Waste’ program to improve the efficiency of its business processes but the lack of production performance visibility within the operation, made it  difficult to identify the major opportunities for improvement. Performance data was manually collected and stored on paper, making it time-consuming and difficult to interrogate – it was prone to error and always out of date.

Through the implementation of CDC Factory that delivers real-time performance metrics and in-built workplace action cycles they experienced an immediate uplift in performance. OEE is now running consistently at 80% on all lines and productivity has improved by between 3% – 8% per line. In the first year efficiency improvements were worth around $100,000 to $120,000 per line, amounting to around $1.5m a year. Their stockholding has been reduced by 30%. Operators can see their performance on screens compared to other lines which introduces competition between the operators for the highest OEE. The relative performances have also allowed the identification of cross-training opportunities and a better balance of experience within the teams. Watch this engaging video piece on how Calypso transformed workplace productivity.

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