Early ERP Adoption is a Key to Success in Life Sciences

April 1, 2011

The biggest challenge to commercializing new discoveries comes from the fact that even the smallest Life Science companies must deal with the same complex set of compliance issues and regulations that the biggest and most established companies face. There is no “pass” when you are in clinical trials or just beginning production. There is too much at risk when pharmaceuticals are involved.

That’s why forward-thinking companies establish their business infrastructure early, with a scalable ERP solution. It allows you to start small, but to also be prepared for the rapid growth you are working so hard to achieve. In this paper, we address how a industry specific ERP solution addresses:

  • Operational Effectiveness
  • Audit Processes, including e-signatures and audit control
  • FDA Compliance
  • Process documentation and change control
  • Security
  • E-Pedigree
  • Tracking, tracing and recalls
  • Contracts and Chargebacks as part of financial management


This paper takes a look at these challenges and more, encourages you to address them early in your company’s lifecycle, so that when you are growing quickly, you have the resources in place to focus on your customers and your goals instead of your IT systems.

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