Protecting Your Brand: Traceability and Record-Keeping for Protein Processors

March 31, 2011

Safety of meat products purchased by consumers is essential for all the participants of supply chain in the meat industry. Pathogens remain a major concern. The USDA estimates that salmonella is present in 35 percent of turkeys, 11 percent of chickens and 6 percent of ground beef.

Information technology will play an increasingly important role in ensuring the integrity and safety of the meat industry. As with most applications of information technology, this automation and ‘wiring’ of the meat industry is expected to make data more readily accessible and more easily convertible to meaningful information with a lower cost structure than under manual processes conditions. At the same time, it is predicted that concerns about meat safety will continue to accelerate the movement toward more branded products and increasingly stringent USDA regulations.

This white paper explores the importance of traceability to meat processors, and the technology that is best suited for their unique needs.

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