Transportation Planning

Order promising and warehouse operations working together.

Transportation planning with CDC Supply Chain means close interaction with order promising and warehouse operations. The planning processes can use a single planning strategy or a combination of the different approaches of static, dynamic and carrier-managed routing including pre-scheduled routing, dynamic route planning and carrier selection.

The outcome from the route planning process includes departure schedules that link straight into the shipping process of the warehouse operation. Vehicle Load Planning is automatically generated and made visible on container level, based on actual orders and transit shipments.

Solution Brochure: CDC Supply Chain

Key Features:

  • Route Schedule Templates
  • Dynamic Route Planning Engine
  • Graphical Overview
  • Carrier Selection Across Modes and Lanes
  • Automated/Certified Carrier Interactions

Here is what CDC Transportation Planning can do for you:

Reduce labor and administration costs

With route and load planning that is linked into your warehouse operation for precise load building and support for late load adjustments, manual tasks are reduced.

Lower transport costs

Optimized fleet management including visibility into load plans versus actuals helps you identify inefficiencies and take action to lower costs.