Freight Audit and Payment

Don’t wait to do a Freight Audit—let our software do it automatically as you work.

For many companies, reconciliation presents a challenge because of the high shipment volume and the complexity of trying to determine and appropriately apply all of the contract freight rate rules to each shipment.

Freight overpayments are common because there is only time to review limited discrepancies. Automating reconciliation can transform this process, significantly decreasing freight cost and generating additional profitability.

Solution Brochure: CDC Supply Chain 

Key Features:

  • Freight Audit Automation
  • Freight Payment Automation
  • Claims Management Automation

Here is what CDC Freight Audit and Payment can do for you:

Eliminate third-party costs

By automating your freight audit and payment processes, you can eliminate the costs associated with third party audit services.

Review carrier performance

CDC Supply Chain gives you powerful tools to monitor your carriers and assess their performance with tangible metrics.

Reduce your transport spend

By automatically monitoring your payments and auditing process, you can increase the accuracy of payments and reduce the possibility of overpayment. Our solution also lets you manage your loss or damage claims.

Reduce manual tasks

Automate your freight payments through invoice entry, exception handling and cost accounting. Then, analyze and compare freight bills to your calculated estimates.