Trading Partner Collaboration

Real-time supply chain visibility with your trading partners.

Visibility is a requirement for this coordination between the physical and information flow. Lack of real-time visibility causes companies to operate with high inventory stocks, longer cycle times and more expenses than necessary.

CDC Supply Chain includes portal-based trading partner collaboration, a set of comprehensive self-serve web applications that are easy to use, rich in content, quick in response and reliable in promises.

Each trading partner is treated individually based on easy-to-define profiles, preferences and templates, also for different distinct roles inside the partner company.

Dive into your CDC Trading Partner Collaboration solutions:

Customer Collaboration

 Get your customers involved. They can easily search and find products, place orders, get pricing, track progress and status, and collaborate around returns and claims.

Collaborate with your suppliers around delivery plans, vendor-managed inventory, order confirmation and shipment notification. Synchronize product catalogs, prices and lead times.
Warehouse Collaboration

Connect your outsourced or remote warehouse operations with simple receiving, withdrawal, shipping and inventory auditing functionality.

3PL Client Collaboration

Bring your clients and their customers a real-time view on their outsourced operation, including order entry and inventory visibility