System Monitoring

Your IT infrastructure works for you – except when it doesn’t.

The efficiency of your IT infrastructure is critical to the satisfaction of your end users and customer service levels. If you know about potential problems you can spend your time and resources being proactive instead of doing fire-fighting. Environments are more complex than ever and often include resources from multiple vendors and multiple platforms.

CDC Supply Chain system monitoring is an essential monitoring, alerting, and reporting solution used for proactive monitoring of mission critical applications, systems and infrastructure equipment.

Solution Brochure: CDC Supply Chain

Key Features:

  • Alert Generation
  • Web Interface
  • Multi-Object Supervision (servers, applications, processes, equipment)
  • Network Agents
  • Configurable Alerts
  • Alert-Until-Resolution

Here is what CDC System Monitoring can do for you:

Supervise all your systems

CDC Supply Chain monitors all of your enterprise application and computer resources: applications, message transactions, operating system, disk space, CPU load, number of users, database and network resources.

Reduce downtime

Catching potentially problematic issues early and recommending specific solutions leads to decreased resolution time, lowered downtime and reduced cost.

Minimize manual tasks

Take advantage of both passive and active supervision for your systems – intervening at your discretion or allowing automated notifications to take corrective action.

Two-level monitoring

CDC Supply Chain deploys a series of network agents to monitor your systems and then a Server/Central process collects data for reporting.