Shipment Tracking and Monitoring

Where in the world is my shipment?

Taking control of the entire supply chain, from inbound logistics, over a complex distribution network of central warehouses, distribution warehouses and transportation terminals, to the final delivery at the customer's premises, requires a bird's eye view on the operation.

Traditional supply chain execution systems fall short of tracking and tracing the order through all supply chain disciplines such as order, warehouse and transportation management. Once it leaves the warehouse, it is in the hands of a disparate system. Bridging the gaps to provide a global view of physical execution is what CDC Supply Chain shipment monitoring is about.

Solution Brochure: CDC Supply Chain

Key Features:

  • In-Transit Status Updates
  • Shipment and Container History
  • Electronic Messaging API
  • Service-Based Architecture for Integration
  • ASN Management

Here is what CDC Shipment Tracking and Monitoring can do for you:

Support for identification methods

Support for unique identification standards for products (SGTIN), returnable assets (GRAI) and logistics units (SSCC).

Collaborate with your partners

Web portal components for trading partner collaboration around advance shipping notices (ASN) and proof of delivery (POD). 

Improve traceability

With added visibility into your supply chain, control over drop shipments and reduced manual data entry errors, you can improve your lot traceability. Use CDC Supply Chain as a traceability hub for products, lots, load carriers, logistics units / containers, shipments and loads.

Get a handle on ASNs

Handle your advanced shipping notifications better including ASN enablement of drop shipments with PO to sales order cross-referencing capability.

Cross-dock enablement

Lower the possibility of tied-up capital by better communicating between docks, translating cross-dock units to order lines and vice versa.