Optimize inventory deployment with Forecasting Management.

One of the most fundamental supply chain management questions asked is how to optimize inventory deployment, and what impact that will have on what, when and how much to purchase.

CDC Supply Chain’s replenishment solution coordinates global forecasting and replenishment of central warehouses, distribution centers, and stores to lower the total cost of ordering, handling and storing products. It produces time-phased demand forecasts and replenishment schedules that secure the ordering of the right quantities, at the right time, to the right place.

Solution Brochure: CDC Supply Chain

Key Features:

  • Demand Forecasting Management
  • Replenishment Management
  • Logistics Network Modeling
  • Stock Management

    Here’s what CDC Supply Chain’s replenishment solution can do for you:

    Increase retail efficiencies
    Increase retail store efficiencies with accurate store inventory availability resulting in less reordering time and less backroom inventory. Replenishment needs of several separate stores can be handled at the same time, enabling a centralized approach for replenishment of a chain of stores.

    Automatically lower total costs
    Replenishment Management can find the ordering policy that gives the lowest total cost associated with ordering, handling and storing a product. It also calculates optimal safety and cycle stock to reduce uncertainty in future demand.

    Improve usage of transport capacity while exceeding customer expectation
    Replenishment signals and events can generate replenishment orders according to transportation constraints or opportunities (i.e. full truckload) and order price brackets. Purchase quantities can also be adjusted and approved by stock managers.

    Introduce global forecasting to central warehouses and regional distribution centers
    With global forecasting and replenishment capabilities for distribution centers and all levels of warehouses, efficient tactical and operational planning can look hours, days and weeks into the future.