Continuous Controls Monitoring

Why test randomly? Detect compliance issues as they occur and take action.

Most organizations take a periodic testing approach to compliance – hoping they detect events that could affect compliance before they become serious. Rather than proving compliance at various intervals, CDC Event Management Framework (EMF) simply flags instances when you’re not compliant or have generated an exception, giving you maximum time to fix emerging issues.

Continuous intelligent control assessment gives you the ability to identify standard exceptions, such as values that exceed a specified limit (i.e. transactions over $10,000) or omitted information (i.e. field not filled in correctly). The EMF solution, however, delivers even greater value by equipping you to perform complicated and sophisticated control tests that can combine variables from various and potentially disparate data sources.

Solution Datasheet: Event Management Framework

Key Features:

  • Rule-Based Alerting
  • Intuitive Dashboards
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Alert Automation

Here’s what CDC Continuous Controls Monitoring can do for you:

Eliminate Manual Controls

CDC Event Management Framework helps you minimize dependency on traditional, resource-intensive manual controls toward a more modern, automated approach.

Be Dynamic, not Passive

If a control failure is found, you can now take immediate corrective action to ensure your organization stays compliant, rather than generating a report to highlight where you’re not meeting standards.

Delegate Ownership of Controls

Business units and business process owners can be responsible for their compliance, rather than relying on verification from a separate Compliance Group or Internal Audit division.