Continuous Auditing

Shift audits into the here and now.

The role of audit is evolving – moving away from historic, backward-looking and financially-driven testing to perform a more fluid business function. This change is provoking a shift in many audit activities. Now, you need reassurance that information produced to support decision making is both accurate and reliable, and that your control procedures are effective and working as planned. 

In continuous auditing, controls are monitored and changes noted as they happen, control failure is detected and fixed almost immediately so that the period of ineffectiveness is minimized, and new controls can be identified and tested as they arise, adapting the audit approach to changed circumstances.

CDC Event Management Framework can greatly simplify the job of continuous compliance verification by helping you create rules to ensure audit results are substantiated by tangible data.

Solution Datasheet: Event Management Framework

Key Features:

  • Continuous Testing
  • Control Failure Detection
  • Dynamic Control Addition

  • Internal Audit Capabilities

  • Here’s what CDC Continuous Auditing can do for you:

    Manage Your Risk

    Use technology to examine past trends and make comparisons within an individual process or system. Our solution can be used as an early warning system if risk profiles change unexpectedly.

    Continually Test Compliance

    Implement a system that enables you to provide assurance to the Audit Committee and senior management regarding the effectiveness of internal controls.

    Audit Your Own Process

    Take a risk-based approach and use output from other areas to decide if you need to implement an audit intervention.

    Streamline Operating Procedures

    Use our continuous monitoring solution to ensure that your business processes are operating properly and to automate responses to exceptions if you detect them.