Anti Bribery and Corruption

Implement controls to detect and take action on illegal activities.

In today’s global business environment, you need to ensure that regional managers are not working beyond legal limits.  Whether intentional or unintentional, committed under local pressure or for individual gain, global business is highly vulnerable to unethical or even illegal activities.

CDC Event Management Framework (EMF) helps ease your mind with automatic controls that immediately detect and react to suspicious activity in your organization. EMF is extremely flexible, so you can set up rules and alerts that seek out suspicious activity – financial or otherwise – especially in areas of the globe where employees might be operating without direct oversight. 

Solution Datasheet: Event Management Framework

Key Features:

  • Rule-Based Alerting
  • Intuitive Dashboards
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Alert Automation

Here’s what CDC Anti-Bribery & Corruption Controls can do for you:

Remove Manual Temptations

Manual audit controls are vulnerable to illegal activity. Replace them with automated controls that eliminate the possibility of tampering or inaccurate reporting.

Be Dynamic, not Passive

If an illegal activity is found, you can now take immediate corrective action to ensure your organization stays compliant, rather than generating a report to highlight where you’re not meeting standards.

Track Materials and Deliveries

If materials required for manufacturing operation do not arrive at a site before safety stock is broached, alert Operations to investigate the cause for delay. Don’t lose any steps; simply alert your Expeditor to take immediate corrective action and continue production.