CDC EMF Services

Get the most out of your Event Management Framework application.

EMF is a wonderfully simple product to use, but it has so many features that you may only be realizing 10% or less of its real potential. Take advantage of the resources to add value to your purchase.


Our standard training courses are designed to show you how to maximize your investment in and will show you just how many diverse uses you may have for EMF in your organization. We also offer project-based training, so that your team learns to develop projects and solutions in-house.

Consulting Services

If you find yourself under-resourced and unable to provide skills for your project, we’ll provide consultants who will be able to use their experience to develop a successful solution and implementation.

Hosted solutions

We can also provide you with a hosted solution in a secure environment.  And if you are going to be sending messages to mobile devices, we can provide you with an "Easy Connect" mobile messaging service for reliable, world-wide sending and receiving of text (SMS) messages.