Alerts, reports and notifications no matter what your industry.

EMF is industry-independent because it is so flexible, and can be combined with so many different applications in every industry. Here are just a few examples of industry-specific uses.

Explore your EMF solutions:


Financial institutions concerned with maintaining a close eye on government regulations can use the application to create alerts related to workflow.  Externally, use the solution to read HTML content on a variety of websites to notify you of draft legislation or changes in the marketplace

Food & Beverage, Life Sciences, Chemical

Protect your company by making sure executive management is notified when important actions are taken regarding certifications, recalls, etc.


Track spot commodity pricing, check inventory and automatically place an order if the price is low enough and you are under a specified inventory allotment

Natural Products, Homebuilding and Real Estate

Use HTML scraping functionality to search news sites and deliver specific information via text message to those who need to make informed buying or selling decisions.