Get real inventory insight from your CDC Envision X ERP solution.

Our Envision X Inventory Control module helps you keep an optimal balance between service level and inventory level at multiple branches. You gain immediate cost savings through more accurate inventory tracking and improved warehouse operations.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Stock Locations and Bins Support
  • Stock Taking Control
  • Manage BOM to Produce the End Product
  • Costing Methods like FIFO, LIFO, Average or Standard Cost
  • User Defined Fields and Analysis Codes
  • Fully Integrate with Accounting and Trading Module
  • Integrate with Microsoft Excel
  • Powerful Drill Down Enquiry for Inventory Balance and Movement History
  • Comprehensive Analysis Reports

Here's what the Inventory module can do for you:

Provides Efficient Tools

Maintain item, item group and storage bin information. Define unit conversions and process inventory receipts, issuances, transfers and adjustments.

Generates Powerful Capabilities

Manage reservation lists from sales or job requirements and maintain records for WIP materials at each branch. Maintain item costs at each store location.

Provides Flexible Functionality

Support moving average and standard costs, while improving stock accuracy with cycle counting.

Generates Analysis Reports

Access stock receipts, transaction details by item, and inventory valuation reports.