ERP Financial Reporting

Comply with ever-changing mandates and capture real business intelligence.

Statutory and management report templates with on-demand reporting and query capabilities enable staff to quickly generate accurate management and regulatory reports. The CDC Financial Reporting module gives you the ability to create financial and regulatory reports that meet industry standards such as GAAP, FASB, IASB, and IFRS. Formats also comply with current regulatory mandates, including SOX and SEC.

This powerful module allows non-technical users familiar with Excel’s graphical charting and reporting capabilities to quickly produce reports on demand. Employ criteria such as company, division and business unit to generate reports by segment. Templates for statutory, segment and customized management reports for regulatory agencies, stakeholders, executives, and analysts can also be automatically generated and easily distributed.

Brochure: Financial Management Suite

Key Features:

  • Ad Hoc, On-Demand Reporting and Customized Report Templates
  • Standard financial statements 
  • Budgeting, Statutory, and Management Report Templates

Here’s what the ERP Financial Reporting module can do for your team:

Meet Industry Standards

Create financial and regulatory reports that comply with current standards.

Produce Reports on Demand

Non-technical users can easily create detailed reports with graphics and visual charts.

Access Templates

Generate and easily distribute templates for agencies, stakeholders, executives and analysts.