2010 CDC Software Flame of Excellence Award Winners!

Congratulations to our customers. These seven companies set the bar for their business accomplishments in 2010.

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Olympic Implementation Award: Evergro Canada, Inc.

Evergro, Canada, Inc. was awarded the Flame of Excellence for their ability to launch Ross ERP in a very short time and ramp up in time for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. Their business challenge was to get the right technology in place so that they could make sure that the 2010 Winter Olympics had the best-looking landscapes ever. And they succeeded. By clearly defining their business objectives and working with CDC Software's Professional Services Team, they were able to implement their new ERP solution in just 12 weeks.

Supply Chain Excellence in Demand Planning Award: SI Group

SI Group was honored with the 2010 Flame of Excellence award as it worked to set up a best-in-class forecasting program. During the past year, they took 13 different forecasting processes and merged them into one common global process. This isn’t an easy task for any company, but SI Group pulled it off with determination and the help of technology from CDC Software.

Excellence in End to End Deployment Award: Litehouse, Inc.

The CDC Software Team has had the honor of working with many great companies over the years. And one company stands out for its ongoing effort to deploy end-to-end solutions as it grows market share and takes on new challenges. Litehouse, Inc. has grown with CDC Software for over 12 years, leveraging ERP, EPM, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing Operations, BPM, PLM along with document management. Recently, they implemented our CDC Factory solution in their facilities, increasing OEE to 14% at one plant and to 6% in another. They are fanatical about growth and excellence. So we are proud to honor Litehouse, Inc. with our 2010 Flame of Excellence for End to End Deployment.

Excellence in Innovation Award: Illes Seasonings and Flavors

Innovation at Illes Seasonings and Flavors means taking advantage of new technology to improve business processes, using IT solutions to build company value. This 2010 Flame of Excellence award-winning company has upgraded to version 6.4 and was able to reduce Quality’s 400-page lot trace report down to 20 pages after implementing TraceExpress. Since implementing both Ross ERP and Pivotal CRM, they have been able to save 25% on raw materials and freight charges.

Lifetime Achievement Award: ISMIE Mutual

ISMIE Mutual has been a customer of CDC Software since 1994. During that time, ISME’s employee base has remained relatively stable while the company has essentially doubled in size - from processing 200 million dollars in premiums to close to 400 million dollars every year. They have over 14-million pages imaged that are accessed through their Ross ERP solutions, and rely on reporting and analyzing financial data that has become so much more important in the past few years. Since 1994, this company reduced the 14 hours it took to produce a quarterly invoice to under 15 minutes. For these achievements, we are proud to present ISMIE Mutual with CDC Software’s Flame of Excellence!

Excellence in Operational Efficiency Award: Berner Food and Beverage, Inc.

A dedication to operational efficiency can bring about great rewards for a company that builds the infrastructure to make sustainable improvements. Berner Food and Beverage has been awarded CDC Software’s 2010 Flame of Excellence for Excellence in Operational Efficiency, as they were able to improve efficiency to the point that they could grow their company and production without having to build new facilities. Berner uses CDC Software’s ERP, CRM and Factory solutions, and they’ve recently implemented Event Management Framework.

Visionary Excellence Award: Pharmaceutical Associates, Inc.

Pharmaceutical Associates took home the 2010 Flame of Excellence award for Visionary Excellence because they remind us how much our “Customer-Driven Company” slogan means in real life. Pharmaceutical Associates challenged CDC Software to find a new way for them to better manage their contracts and chargebacks inside their enterprise solution. Executives and managers had the foresight to understand what this type of change could do for their cash flow and their business. At the time, they were validating literally millions of chargebacks. And they put time and resources into this solution - which is now part of our Life Sciences implementation.