Critical Path Decisions for the 4 C’s in Life Sciences

July 13, 2011
Retain more revenue from commercial contracts, minimize overpayments of chargebacks and incentive rebates while maintaining compliance in a high-stakes regulatory environment that imposes stiff penalties for infractions.

Jeff White, Director of Financial and Customer Services for Owens & Minor HealthCare Logistics, and Jack Payne, Vice President of CDC Software, reveal the industry specific technologies that can streamline your 4 “C” business processes, “Order to Cash”, Contracts, Chargebacks and Compliance with expanded functionality, improved usability, and greater automation.

To conserve cash and maximize profits, there are several investment options available, in terms of implementing the 4 “C” business processes. Which investment best fits your business model: the purchase of an on-premise application, a monthly subscription to a “in the cloud” application, or the outsourcing of these processes to a life sciences BPO provider? Our experts present a self evaluation checklist to help you make this critical investment decision.
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