Hammond Group: Saves 39% in IT Costs While Getting Closer to Their Customers

March 3, 2011

Hammond is a major player in the chemical industry, operating seven manufacturing plants around the world. Their products are used by major consumer and industrial brands. Hammond Group is a long time user of Ross ERP and Pivotal CRM solutions.

Ray Rex, President of the Halox Division and Gerry Kaoukis, Director of IT and Purchasing, agree that working with the Ross team has made them more knowledgeable about their customers, and has made them a stronger company. We are proud to be able to work with them on their enterprise and business solutions.

Gerry Kaoukis: "The Hammond Group has reduced its ERP related costs by 39% since implementing the Ross solution."

Ray Rex  "Companies cannot ignore the benefits that working with a top-ranked software company brings them. When I start to see the kind of integration that happens with data collection, maintenance modules, and how much easier it makes the job in the plant, I see it as something that’s not just something that’s nice to have. It is something that you have to have."

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