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Managing Risk with Restricted (Denied) Party Screening White Paper

April 15, 2011

Many companies screen purchase orders and sales documents against restricted party lists manually or with a partially automated solution.  Regardless of approach or headcount assigned to the task, one of their biggest challenges is with constantly-changing lists published by a plethora of agencies.  Clearly, this requires a team with the right combination of skills and experience.  A customer list can include nicknames, aliases, alternate spellings and variations in word order.  Solutions that lack the proper algorithms can miss matches completely, resulting in non-compliance.

Amid this complexity, organizations must be prepared to be audited. They must demonstrate accurate recordkeeping and a repeatable process that reviews likely matches immediately and prevents products from being released to confirmed matches.

  • Do you need to screen a rapidly-growing customer list?
  • Is your company in an industry that is under constant scrutiny by regulatory agencies?
  • Do your information sources include spreadsheets and ad hoc “ship to”? information?
  • Have you outgrown your current solution?

Learn more about best practices to protect your organization.

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