Internet Application Framework: A Future-Proof Technology Platform for the Agile Manufacturer

March 31, 2011

IAF provides deployment, management and development functionality woven into an inter-connected framework. This next-generation architecture leverages a number of Internet technologies to provide end users with web access to CDC Ross ERPapplications. It also enables companies to readily integrate Ross applications with other internal systems and external trading partners’ systems.

The CDC Ross IAF is practical in terms of accessibility, cost-efficient implementation, maintenance and upgrades. A true, zero-footprint client enables system administration from one central location. There is no client software to invest in or deploy, no maintenance required to keep the application up-to-date on user workstations, and no expensive terminal servers or communication protocols required to provide fast performing applications for all users.

This document provides an overview of the CDC Ross Internet Application Framework (IAF). It is written for technical audiences and business executives with a vested interest in the cost-reduction, flexibility and longevity that can be afforded by an application technology platform. For both audiences, this document is intended to provide a comprehensive understanding of Ross’ technology architecture and its benefits.

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