Beyond Thin Client: Why a Smart Client ERP may be a Better Choice

March 31, 2011

Over the last decade, browser-based “thin client” applications have come to dominate the enterprise application space due to their ease of deployment, updating, and administration. However, while thin client applications address IT deployment issues, they typically fail to meet end-user expectations in terms of robustness, performance, and usability. Given that user adoption is critical to the success of enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects, today's organizations must place high importance on the user experience in selecting an ERP solution. So what are your alternatives if your organization wants an ERP application that is not only easy to deploy and access, but also creates a rich user experience?

This white paper compares and contrasts the two primary alternatives to thin clients— enhanced thin clients that use technologies such as ActiveX, AJAX, and ASP.NET and the new generation of “smart clients”—and examines the differentiating characteristics that could impact your ERP implementation. It concludes that a smart client ERP application is a better solution for most enterprise users, based on performance, usability, total cost of ownership, security, and ease of integration.

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