The Healthcare Insurance CRM Opportunity: From Complexity and Frustration to Simplicity and Effectiveness

April 4, 2011

Like other aspects of our internet-powered lives, today’s healthcare members are willing and able to shop around. It is no longer possible to increase your profitability simply by raising premiums unless you are able to demonstrate that you are indeed delivering more value, and a more personalized experience to members. But, each member interacts (whether physically or on an administrative level) with a number of different groups in your sphere of influence: your agents, underwriters, provider facilities and administrators. At each stage, the member’s expectation is that they will receive a knowledgeable, personalized experience.

To accomplish this seamless experience and reduce member churn, you need a customer relationship management (CRM) program. In this handbook, we will discuss how CRM specifically-tailored for how you do business can help you bring all of these disparate groups together to service your membership.

You will learn how CRM impacts:

  • At the productivity level by automating tasks your team must now do manually
  • The ease of doing business with you in terms of agent and employer group satisfaction
  • Your ability to make informed, strategic business decisions

Implementing a CRM process can help you answer those vital “what next” questions and thereby, gain a new sense of confidence in your competitive position.

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