The CRM Journey: From Productivity to Profit

April 3, 2011

Like no time before, today’s customer is savvy. At the touch of a mouse, they can obtain reams of information and reviews on virtually any product or service. To meet this demand, delivering a highly-personalized experience to customers and other stakeholders is now par for the course. But, times being what they are, you need to do it with less. Enter customer relationship management technology. In this paper, we will explore how several organizations across a wide variety of industries, have developed a customer relationship management strategy that is successful – without great expenditure.

Hear from customer relationship management leaders at:

  • Documentum
  • Farm Credit Services of America
  • LCD Products Group, Sharp
  • Ernst and Young
  • Somera Communications
  • The Chasm Group

Get started using customer relationship management to converge people, processes, and products more efficiently.

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