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White Paper: The Sales Leader's CRM Point of View

July 17, 2012

There are few feelings that can compare to being zero percent of quota at the outset of a quarter. It’s a mix of welcoming the challenge and trepidation – will you get there? Despite lower budgets and probably headcount, as a sales leader, much of the responsibility for increasing revenues falls to you. For success, you need to learn what your top guns are doing and empower the rest of your team to follow those best practices. “Tell me something I don’t know,” you’re saying. The fact is, you need supporting technology to accomplish these goals: customer relationship management software (CRM). In this handbook, we have distilled down the best-practices you need to implement a CRM process for your team.

You will learn how a consistent sales process:

  • Helps your team better engage with current customers
  • Helps you anticipate and proactively address changing market conditions
  • Alignment with all of the other departments that factor into your team’s success

Establish a common selling framework, provide a constant connection to deals-in-progress and use proven sales methodologies, step-by-step.

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