White Paper: CRM for Asset Managers

December 15, 2011

The foundation of CRM is a centralized, consolidated repository of all your firm’s client, consultant, broker-dealer, opportunity, competitor, and product information, breaking down the “data silos” common across organizations. Any employee with appropriate access can get an instant, 360-degree picture of the parties with whom they interact—whether they are clients, prospects, consultants, brokers, or organizations—empowering them to provide informed, personalized service and ensuring that all who interface with the firm feel they are receiving consistent, knowledgeable, high-quality service, no matter whom they speak to.

Read this paper to learn:

  • Actionable strategies for implementing CRM processes across your firm 
  • How captured client data can help to satisfy regulatory requirements 
  • How to uncover previously un-tapped relationships and investment influencers 
  • Which data sources should be at the top of your list for integration into CRM

Ultimately, firms with better client relationships have an edge. Learn how you can get that advantage.

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