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Evaluating Member Engagement Efforts

May 1, 2012

Before jumping feet first into the world of Web 2.0 or now Web 3.0 (yes, 2.0 has already come and gone), this whitepaper asks you to take a step back to re-evaluate and re-position your organization’s engagement strategy for members and prospective members.

Increasing engagement with members and prospective members is the best way to increase membership for your organization. It’s important to take time to evaluate your current engagement strategies to understand what is working and the areas for improvement.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Take time to listen to your members’ needs to create better member services that encourage prospective members to join. 
  2. Continually communicate, support, and inform your members to build engagement with your members. 
  3. Engage prospective members and your global community with information-rich publications, updated social media pages, and optimized website pages. 
  4. Evaluate your technology needs for better engagement and research the best solution for your needs. Make sure to consider monetary costs and resource costs before purchasing new technology.
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