TTruition eCommerce White Paper: Building versus Buying an eCommerce Platform

September 15, 2011

The eCommerce industry has undergone some significant changes over the years. Technology and the tools online retailers use and need stand as a terrific example of that. In the earlier days of eCommerce, many online retailers built their own platforms out of necessity - commercialized eCommerce solutions didn't exist. Today, there are dozens of viable eCommerce solutions to choose from. But despite this, many retailers continue to use that same, original platform from years ago, albeit with ad-hoc modifications and add-ons.  

The landscape has changed dramatically over the years. Businesses and IT departments can't keep up with growing lists of capabilities and functionalities required to maximize online investments. Now retailers and online merchants are losing opportunities to increase sales and average order sizes because of technological limitations that didn’t exist years ago. This problem, although common in eCommerce, puts a substantial strain on IT and Marketing departments.

The question of the minds of thousands of online merchants is Do we build or buy an  eCommerce platform? It's a back-and-forth debate, but ultimately, it could be costing your business millions of dollars in lost revenue. Learn why and what solutions are available to you in this white paper.

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Kevin Chan
Hi, who shall I contact or call if I m interested in doing a site by you folks? Thanks! Kevin -
Phil Cullum
I depend on Internet Marketing News Watch ( for my information on e-commerce. Perhaps you could offer your white paper there.
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