Debunking the MES Myth

July 19, 2012

The one certainty that Food and Beverage producers face coming out of this protracted recession is that being cost conscious is THE driving force in both consumer behavior and manufacturing success. As consumers continue to dial back their spending and frugality becomes a fashionable practice, forward-looking Food companies are taking advantage of the recession to reposition themselves for improved agility and becoming the lowest cost producer. As a result, many companies are evaluating solutions that seem to offer greater shop-floor visibility and enable improved production performance. Among these are Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).

Although excellent at driving physical production control and automating business processes and data capture, MES has traditionally been deployed under the assumption that more data enables a manufacturer to uncover and capitalize on more improvement opportunities. However, many industry analysts and Food executives are beginning to realize that MES does not improve a process or fix an efficiency problem. It simply automates the collection of data about the problem, while ignoring the greatest and most cost-effective area of opportunity for improvement in Food plants today: the hourly-paid workforce.This executive white paper explains why MES fails to address this opportunity and how a more direct approach is yielding faster and greater results.

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