CDC Pivotal CRM: CRM Built for Sales

May 3, 2011

Why do most sales reps spend only 10% of their time actively selling? What do salespeople need in a CRM system to ensure they’re able to spend more time selling—more effectively?
View the CRM Built for Sales online demo, a short new multimedia overview of the features that make Pivotal CRM a sales team’s best friend—and secret weapon.

Watch the demo to see for yourself why sales teams and executives love CDC Pivotal CRM’s intuitive interface, role-based navigation, embedded Microsoft tools, easy querying, personalized portals and shortcuts, and much more.

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Gary Matson
I see that Pivitol CRM integrates with Outlook. This looks very slick. What about Lotus Notes? Does it also integrate? This is a big deal for our sales team. My company does not use Outlook nor has any intentions of changing. Thanks.
Brian Switzer
Like Gary, I'm impressed with the Outlook integration. My question is about Google- I use it for everything- Gmail, calendar, docs. Any plan to integrate with Google?
Wendy Collin
It's intersting, but i hope i can get a limited free Trial, is that possible ???
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