CDC Ross ERP: Financial Modules

March 28, 2011

CDC Ross ERP is a central source of financial information that leverages data from across your enterprise and helps you manage your critical financial processes – from planning through decision-making.

  • Ross ERP delivers flexibility in key areas such as the chart of accounts, currencies, fiscal calendars, balance types, and accounting periods to facilitate local business requirements – while streamlining global consolidation and analysis capabilities.
  • Rich functionality includes the ability to create vendor and customer diaries containing information to help you manage your business more efficiently. Diary entries can be set with future progression dates to remind users to follow up on various tasks.
  • Ross ERP spans international markets and supports local languages, currencies, accounting and regulatory requirements. All multi-currency  transactions provide you with the originating currency value, the base currency and the conversion rate, allowing you to manage multi-national business easily. In addition, you can manage currency gain or loss upon cash settlement, while translation to reporting currency allows you to analyze multi-national business easily.

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