Ross ERP for Dairy Processors

July 17, 2012

Ross ERP for Food and Beverage enables dairy processors to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure compliance with food regulations while providing the agility to competitively meet market demands.

The manufacturing business processes within Ross ERP provide dairy processors with the flexibility to manage a variety of production scenarios including products with single inputs and multiple outputs and products with multiple inputs and single outputs. Quality control features are at the heart of the system ensuring that finished goods meet the regulatory and customer expectations. All data related to resources, products, sub-products, by-products, waste, etc is captured to provide detailed insight into costs and profitability and enable dairy processors to quickly identify and act on variances.

Ross ERP for Food and Beverage supports these dairy challenges:

  • Managing the production process of products that have single input materials for several output materials. For example, milk is the only ingredient for whole milk, skim milk, whey, buttermilk, etc.
  • Managing the production process of products with several input materials for a single output material. For example, milk, fruit, and sweeteners are needed to produce yogurt.
  • Costing on various components to control profit margins
  • Assigning values to by-products
  • Performing quality control at each phase of the production process
  • Food safety and conforming to regulations on production methods and changing regulatory requirements, such as hygiene standards, ISO 14000, ecological packaging guidelines, etc.

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