Datasheet: Pivotal CRM Marketing

July 17, 2012

Marketing has one of the most critical functions in any company: creating the relationship that results in a sale and ultimately, revenue. To achieve your goals as a marketer, you’re looking for access to customer and prospect data and the tools to use that data in creating compelling campaigns – and reporting on ROI.

Pivotal CRM Marketing is integrated with the full Pivotal CRM suite, giving you access to the complete customer or prospect history with your organization. The solution also puts powerful email marketing and marketing automation capabilities at your fingertips – enabling you to make effective use of customer preferences. Learn how you can use Pivotal CRM Marketing to:

  • Deliver performance insight and enable managers to maintain a clear view of their team’s marketing campaigns, from detailed campaign metrics such as open rates, click-throughs, and bounced e-mails to leads, opportunities, and more
  • Enable sales management to precisely model their desired sales methodology within the system
  • Generate a higher volume of high-quality leads and help your teams get the tools they need to efficiently launch, manage, and monitor multiple targeted programs
  • Deploy campaigns tailored to specific markets and personalized to recipients, resulting in higher response rates and more leads
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