Datasheet: Pivotal CRM Data Management

July 17, 2012

Even the best CRM systems can easily fall prey to bad data, as duplicate records within the system are created and cause confusion and clutter. Unfortunately, data hygiene is often a laborious and time-consuming task that requires complex coding and heavy IT involvement, making it a prohibitive undertaking that often falls by the wayside.

Pivotal CRM has the answer. The Pivotal CRM Data Management module helps you easily and effectively manage data importing and hygiene without advanced IT skills. Learn how you can:

  • Import data easily into Pivotal CRM with great flexibility
  • Track imported records for future reference
  • Identify duplicates using desired criteria and features
  • Merge multiple records with numerous options for handling overlapping data
  • Undo jobs as needed, to reverse any errors
  • Improve data hygiene and eliminate duplicate data
  • Reduce the drain on IT with easy, intuitive tools non-technical users can employ
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