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gomembers AMS with Constant Contact

July 19, 2012

Is your nonprofit organization utilizing e-marketing campaigns to communicate with members?  A successful e-mail or survey campaign with embedded links to gomembers eBusiness online member portal can increase attendance at education sessions, conferences, membership renewals, and even gain new members.

Constant Contact is completely integrated with gomembers AMS.  This means you can import campaign results into a contact’s record automatically so your staff can easily view communication between the organization and its members.

With gomembers AMS and Constant Contact you can:

  • Create lists of recipients based on specific criteria
  • Sort contacts by membership, registration, geographic and other demographics in gomembers AMS and use our one-click export to Constant Contact
  • Track success rates
  • Review opens, clicking throughs, and forwarding rates of your e-mail
  • Set up seamless campaigns
  • Log in to Constant Contact and create campaigns through gomembers AMS
  • Avoid manual data entry
  • Keep historical campaign results in a constituent's record
  • Create professional e-mails
  • Select one of Constant Contact’s many templates to start your campaign with style

Explore the endless possibilities of e-marketing with gomembers AMS and Constant Contact.

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