Have a Dialogue with Your Data

April 6, 2011

CDC Marketing Automation Analytics allows you to have a ‘dialogue’ with your data. With business intelligence views that can be tailored on-the-fly—and data that can be sliced and diced however you choose with a few short clicks—you will immediately see how to plan future campaigns, or even adjust current campaigns in process. Drill down into a particular profile or demographic data for a specific campaign. View a side-by-side comparison of two e-mails or web pages to see which one has generated more leads. Gain geographic precision to the analysis of your marketing programs using CDC Marketing Automation Map Analytics. You won’t be left guessing about either the smallest of details or the big picture.

Maximize business insight into your marketing efforts:

  • Gain full visibility into your marketing performance in seconds with the relevant metrics and analysis needed to make smart business decisions in real time
  • Simplify marketing performance monitoring through graphical, intuitive dashboards that can be personalized based on roles and levels within your organization
  • Avoid costly mistakes and capitalize on opportunities with key pattern and trend reports, and real-time alert notifications
  • Increase transparency and accountability by tracking and measuring marketing performance against business objectives
  • Make decisions faster and take action with confidence formulate corporate strategies for profitable growth, knowing that your actions are based on accurate and timely enterprise information
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